Night Ops Ratchet

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Buy Cool Toys, Transformers
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I’ve recently become interested in obtaining prototypes and factory test shots of Hasbro’s Transformers toys. For one thing, they make the toy more valuable/collectible, and for another thing it’s just one of those neat things about living in China and being close enough to obtain such toys.

My first acquisition was Night Ops Ratchet, a Voyager class figure from the 2010 “Hunt for the Decepticons” sub-line. This hulking brute is a repaint of the voyager Ratchet from the 2007 movie toyline, this time with a mostly black deco and neon green highlights.

Here you can see the “Not For Sale” markings:

Here’s how I rate Night Ops Ratchet:

Vehicle Mode:  9

I give mad props to any Transformer that turns into a Hummer H2.  Simply put, Ratchet’s alt mode is one of the best of the entire movie franchise.  It is represented well here in this figure with lots of attention to detail.  The roll cages and roof rack feel and look right, and the color scheme is far, far better than the original puke green.  It almost has sort of a glow-in-the-dark look to it, but I haven’t tried that function yet.  The only ding it gets is a couple of instances of sloppy paint apps, but part of that is due to the fact that this is a factory prototype and not the finished product.

Robot mode: 8

One thing I can say about Ratchet is that he looks very menacing.  He’s a bit of a contrast to the G1 character who was also a medic, but not very handy in a fight.  This version looks like he would beat the tar out of you and then kill your family.  The figure is very posable, but seems most at easy in the crouched, bring-it-on sort of stance.  Weapons-wise, Ratchet is a bit lame.  His roof-rack/claw thing is OK, but the so-called axe that forms from his right hand is downright silly looking.  I do like the fact that he sports a big Autobot symbol on each shoulder.  It adds a splash a color to what is otherwise a very dark figure.  His head is still butt-ugly, though, and a nasty looking color.

Overall, I’d recommend this mold, and if you haven’t already got a version of it, this paint job is one of the best.

Enjoy the gallery! (Click on the pics to enlarge them.)


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