Generations Blurr

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Buy Cool Toys, Transformers
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I was recently able to get my hands on the new Generations Blurr, a modern day version of the original Blurr from Transformers Generation 1. Most people remember Blurr as the fast-talking futuristic race car first seen in 1986’s Transformers: The Movie voiced by John Moschitta (perhaps best known as the Micro-Machine Man.

Here’s how Blurr looked back in the day:

I can run faster than the speed of sound despite having no articulated knees!

While undeniably a cool toy for its time, Blurr was in desperate need of updating for the 21st century. Using the fan-favorite mold that had already been used for not-so-fan-favorite Drift, Hasbro breathed new life into Blurr, with a re-tooled head, new guns and a look inspired by recent IDW comics.

This is how you turn an annoying character into a fan fave.

The new Blurr figure, which is now available at retail, is fully articulated and more poseable than many of his Transformer brethren. He has a wide foot base, which means he can pull off many more tricky poses, including a lot of kicks. His car doors become holsters in robot mold, which hold two blasters, both of which can be stored there in car mode or bot mode. Blurr can either go the guns-a-blazin’ route with the two blasters OR he can use the extremely long sniper rifle with clips onto his robot back/vehicle undercarriage. Blurr’s head is perhaps one of the more striking things about him. One of the oft overlooked features in the design/manufacturing process of Transformers is the eyes. Not on this figure, though. His light blue eyes are almost piercing.

This is a great figure to own. Enjoy the gallery! Click on the pictures to enlarge.

mold brothers for life

Pretending to be Ninja Turtles

We've got Decepticons at the gates, Decepticons in the air, Decepticons inside the walls, Decepticons, Decepticons, Decepticons! If we beat them off the walls, they're still in the air, if we shoot them out of the air, they're still at the gates, so where does that leave us? Nowhere, that's where.


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