Who Are We?

Sizzle — I’m one of those guys.  You know, the ones who still play with their toys.

I’m not afraid to tell you that I spend a lot of time surfing the web chasing after various different hobbies.  I’ve invested more time in Transformers than any one person should probably be allowed.  I love music, and I enjoy collecting.  I still read comics, even though I’m in my 30’s.  My students make fun of me sometimes, because they see I’ve got a new toy or they find me watching cartoons on my laptop.

So, yes, I am a proud, card-carrying man-child.  You’d be surprised how many of us there are out there.

I’m in my mid-30’s, married to a beautiful woman, no children, but we do have a cute little Chinese dog.

The past couple of years have afforded me a lot of time to participate in my hobbies.  I’m an American who lives and works as a teacher in China, so I often get access to things I couldn’t find back home.  Hopefully, this blog will show you some of these things.

Read on and enjoy!


Richard Holdridge — Richard is a guy who knows his sports.  He was Sizzle’s roommate for a long time, and they have been like brothers for years.

A California native, Richard’s passion has always been evenly split between sports and broadcasting.  His knowledge of sports has been described as “encyclopedic.”  Throughout college, Richard spent his time in the broadcast booth of many sporting events, whether he was being paid to do so or not.  He has written about sports for the Chester County Independent and has been a baseball and football play-by-play announcer for radio stations such as WFHC and WSIB in western TN.  Richard has also trained with the American Forces Network in radio broadcasting.

Richard just got married to the love of his life, Stacey, and he is employed by the U.S. Army.  He has completed a tour in Iraq, worked at Guantanamo Bay, and guarded San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.  It can safely be said that this man has done it all.


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