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Do you remember, long ago, in the history of Atlanta sports, when Georgia Tech Basketball was elite?

This is pretty much what Tech's whole year has looked like.

It was 2004 when they made it all the way to the NCAA Championship Game. That seems like ages ago now. They have always had one of the top recruiting classes in the country but recently they have been getting one-and-done players like Derrick Favors, Javaris Crittenton and Thaddeous Young.


Back when I was a big UNLV fan in 1990, they played “Lethal Weapon 3,″ coached by legendary coach Bobby Cremins.

Georgia Tech used to be an NBA breeding ground for point guards. Look at the list: Mark Price, Travis Best, Kenny Anderson, “Starbury” and Jarret Jack. They were an exciting team.

After losing to in-state rival Georgia at Alexander Memorial last night that should be the final straw. It is time to fire Paul Hewitt. The program is eroding.

I witnessed them get blown out by Kennesaw State. Seriously? Kennesaw State. Unbelievable.

Here is an idea: Hire Bobby Cremins. Yes I said it. Teams and schools do stuff like this all the time. The Redskins did it with Joe Gibbs. Pepperdine did it with Tom Asbury. The Golden State Warriors did it with Don Nelson. Bobby Cremins was the best coach Georgia Tech ever had. The court is named after him. Do what you have to do to get him here. I would like to see Georgia Tech Basketball go back to the National Powerhouse it used to be.

Richard Holdridge