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One of the biggest problems for a NFL fan who lives abroad is finding a cost effective way of seeing the games each week.  Maybe you’re going overseas for a business trip during the mid-season.  Maybe you’re going to be traveling and miss that key game that you’ve waited all year to see.  Or maybe you’ll be like me and live in a country where the NFL is a non-entity and the only possible broadcast you’ll be able to see is the Super Bowl.  (And that comes on at 7 in the morning!)

I missed the whole season last year while living in China.  This year, I haven’t missed a game, thanks to Ten Yard Tracker, a torrent finder that specializes in football games. In order to use the site, you’ll need bittorrent software installed on your computer. I use it primarily to follow my beloved Packers, but just about any game can be found there, including NCAA games and occasionally other sports. Most games posted are commercial and half-time free, so don’t expect a lot of pre- and post-game analysis, but you get all four quarters, and that is all you really need.

Registration is free, but do be a good sharer and let your file seed a bit after. And be mindful of your country’s intellectual property laws. (Living in China does have its benefits!)