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Yeah, we couldn't think of a better album cover design, and Frank needed the work...

The fourth album from My Chemical Romance broke onto the Billboard album charts this week, debuting at a rather respectable #8. The Sandbox was able to obtain a copy and give it a listen.

It almost feels like this album was a direct response to the common misconception that MCR is an “emo” band. There is nothing emo at all about this album. Rather, the album is aggressive rock from beginning to end. This is the kind of album that you keep in your car for those days when you feel the need for speed and ear-shattering music. All things considered, it’s unfortunate in a way that the album was released in winter, because this is a CD that needs to be listened to at full volume, windows down, flying down the interstate. The interludes that feature DJ Dr. Death Defying make listening to this album in your car all the more reasonable.

One thing I like about the album, and MCR’s work in general, is that it carries a concept all the way through the album. In this respect, My Chemical Romance reminds me of a modern day Queensryche, and this album in particular reminds me of Operation: Mindcrime. One of the unfortunate by-products of an mp3-driven music industry is that more and more albums are just a compilation of singles that have little if anything to do with each other. This particular album is set nine years into the future and features the band’s alter-egos “The Fabulous Killjoys” in combat with an evil corporation. (It’s interesting hearing an anti-corporate message from songs that are clearly corporate rock.) Because of the futuristic feel of the album, the music is supposed to emulate what the California music scene might sound like nearly a decade into the future. There’s sort of a post-post grunge feel to it, and a few of the songs almost veer into the realm of the ballad and the anthem. ┬áStill, this is combat rock, and the music does a good job of making the listener feel a certain way. ┬áSome moments you feel powerful; other moments you feel angry and righteously indignant.

Overall, it’s a good listen, though I have to say that there is very little that is truly groundbreaking in this album.

Current singles are “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)” and “The Only Hope For Me Is You.” This author feels like “Sing” and “Bulletproof Heart” and “The Kids From Yesterday” are almost certain to become singles, and they are some of the more notable songs on this disc.

Alright…let’s get to the ratings, all of which are scores out of 10:

Bump in my ride? 10
Rock my face off? 8
Strong album concept? 8
Songs that will get stuck in my head? 9
Safe to play around the kids? 3
Overall 8.5 and rising with each play