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I just received the new KO of Fansproject’s DIA Commander set today.  This third party set was developed as an upgrade for Classics Optimus Prime and to homage the original Diaclone colors of Transformers Generation 1 toy Ultra Magnus.

Lately, the knock-offs coming from China have been getting increasingly more and more high quality.  This is no exception.  This one is copied right down to the box and every piece is high quality.  You won’t know you’re getting a knock-off.  There’s really no two ways about it.  Usually there are tell-tale signs that let you know you’re getting a KO, but as far as I can tell, there aren’t any readily recognizable tells here.

There were no shortcuts taken on the quality of this thing.  The stickers are not cheaply made; rather, they are exact and well-cut.  The comic/instruction book is fully reproduced on high quality paper.  The box is basically the same, and the plastic on the actual kit feels authentic.

For those of you who are considering getting this and putting it on a KO Optimus Prime, I would caution against it.  The pieces don’t fit nearly as well on a knock-off as they do on the real deal.  This set, like the original, is meant for legit product, as ironic as that may seem.  That being said, when the armor is put on a legit Classics Prime, it stays put with no problems.

In fact, there is only really one problem with this kit at all — the shoulder-mounted rocket launchers.  The peg is a loose fit and they tend to fall off the shoulders or slump a bit.  The shoulder stacks are a bit loose occasionally, but generally stay in place.  A couple parts in trailer mode are a little loose.  But I’m told that these problems exist on the original as well.

Paint apps on this KO look really good, and the chrome is really well done.  I only noticed one small chip on the chest-plate.  Otherwise, it looks really great.

I really recommend this to anyone who is looking to pick up this set.  

Photo gallery ahead!  Click the images to enlarge.

Here it is, still in package

The bottom of the packaging

Freed from the box

The comic/instruction booklet

Sticker sheet, launchers, and energon case

inside bottom of the box

Optimus and trailer in tractor/trailer mode

Optimus, before the armor

First, you put on the waist piece

then snap on the legs

Attach the chest armor. This can take a little fiddling, but it will snap securely.

Next are the shoulders. They can be a little loose and may fall off, but usually they sit securely. The OP gun pegs into the back of the right shoulder.

Now for the rest of the arms and the shoulder launchers (again, they're very loose, as you may be able to tell)

Add all the humongous guns and Optimus is BANGIN'!

Armor on a different Prime, a knock-off Ultra Magnus. Not recommended. The arms and chest piece do not snap on or stay as well as they should.

Optimus alongside the DIA Commander